Motion paintings

Current offerings:


Dimensions 29”(W) x 48.5” (H)

Price: $4000

50+ hours of motion painting (customized color schemes available)


Dimensions 48.5”(W) x 68” (H)

Price: $7000

100+ hours of motion painting (customized color schemes available)

Each of our paintings is a stand-alone piece of art. Plug it in and watch it power up to show an constantly flow of our moving art. 

We utilize professional grade macro-imaging technology when creating our motion paintings and want them to be viewed in the same ultra-high definition resolution that they were produced. For this reason all of our paintings are featured on LG’s world-leading OLED technology that offers the richest accurate color and deep blacks.

Our art is differentiated in the details. Come take a look, our paintings are elegant and perfectly clear even up close. Visible pixels in digital art are a thing of the past. This is a real-life implementation of a technological achievement that can be directly experienced by the viewer.

New paint and color schemes are being added on a biannual basis. 

Contact us to find out about other painting sizes and customization options. We are capable of creating motion paintings which are specifically compatible with your environment’s color scheme. 

We are currently offering free custom installation for any of our displays in your space (this offer is currently limited to customers on the West Coast). 

Sample video. *Speed is increased to demonstrate effect.