Make it love at first sight

Zenetics Design’s digital motion paintings enhance your professional space and captivate your clientele. Our moving abstract art transforms your space into a gorgeous futuristic environment.

captivate and soothe your clients as they wait

After taking a seat in the waiting area she starts to check her phone. A slight movement on the wall catches her eye. The painting in front of her seems to be moving. The other patients are all fixated on it as well.

Motion captivates.

The mind evolved to be attracted to movement at the most primal level. Motion painting appeals intuitively to this aspect of the brain. Incorporating a motion painting into your environment means the people in your space will be left with a unique and positive impression, unlike any art they have experienced before.

Motion Paintings

Up until now only a few forms of art have been able to access this power of motion. Dance, drama and cinema each explore different dimensions of motion in art. Now technological innovation has added painting to this list.

Most people view artwork for a few seconds. In contrast, our moving paintings captivate viewers for minutes or hours, leaving you clients with profound feeling of relaxation.

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